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Edci339 Individual Post 1

I agreed with this point when I read the title of the first article, learning is not mechanistic. Because I’m learning something about the way I teach. With the advancement of technology, we also use some things about the internet… Continue Reading →

Peer Review

I’m looking forward to what they’re going to teach in this group, because I’ve never been exposed to programming or the use of pathon. I don’t even know what c language is. It’s safe to say I know nothing about… Continue Reading →

[PROMPT IV] Interactive Learning Design

The video I found on Youtube is about┬áteaching Japanese. This is a very interesting video on teaching Japanese. It’s a lesson on teaching Japanese letter sounds and some simple vocabulary. The teacher in the video teaches in a very relaxed… Continue Reading →

[PROMPT III] Inclusive Learning

Instead of curb cuts one example of universal design in engineering I can think of automatic doors. From my point of view, automatic doors are probably designed for disability people. For example, wheelchair can easily go through an automatic door,… Continue Reading →

[PROMPT II] Inquiry-based learning

Inquiry-based learning┬ácan also be treated as research-based learning. From my perspective, inquiry-based learning refers to the establishment of topics from our real life, solving real-world problems and discovering the material, finally learn the knowledge. Students discover problems, doing experiments, collect… Continue Reading →

[PROMPT] Learning, Motivation, and Theory

I am going to share one of my language learning experiences. Since English is my second language, I have to take some language class in order to get into the university. At first, I thought language lesson could be boring…. Continue Reading →


Hi, I am Caroline. I am a Uvic student study Applied Linguistics, and this is my third year in Uvic. Hope to learn more about how to teach student in the future. Here is my dog in my home country… Continue Reading →

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