[PROMPT IV] Interactive Learning Design

The video I found on Youtube is about teaching Japanese. This is a very interesting video on teaching Japanese. It’s a lesson on teaching Japanese letter sounds and some simple vocabulary. The teacher in the video teaches in a very relaxed way. Unlike some of the videos where the teacher reads the pronunciation and makes the students memorize it by themselves. In order for students to quickly remember the pronunciation of these words, they will use harmonies or associations with other words to get them to remember. Easy to remember. There are also individual words that they will talk about their own personal interesting experiences and then share with the students. This makes it easier for the students to remember the basic vocabulary. Whenever they see these words, they will remember the interesting things the teacher said in this video.

Students can take notes to achieve better retention of pronunciation and vocabulary. Students can take notes in their own way, not necessarily by copying from the video. This process requires the student to think about what to write in the notes. This is a kind of interaction between the teacher and the student.In the video, the teacher uses each syllable to form phrases for students to memorize. For activities that I am going to use in my class, we can have students use their previous Knowledge goes to re-forming new phrases, which allows students to better remember these. At the end of the video there will be a mini quiz. If you know the answer, you can leave a comment below the video and they will answer it for you in the next video. I think this is a great way to check to see if the students have learned the parts they are supposed to learn. I can also have students give each other questions during class to test if they’ve learned the knowledge.





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