This class is almost over, when I first started doing FIPPA quiz, I was very confused about what I was going to learn in this course. Since I know nothing about this aspect of online privacy. At that time, I was willing to drop this class. However, the point of study is to study something that I don’t know before. Therefore, I decided to continue to finishing this course. By the article I have read next week, I learned that there are two forms of online classes. One is open learning and the other is distributed learning. I think our instructor started by posting on the school’s website and then moved to WordPress to post on the website to let us actually experience the difference between the two. To let us have a better understanding of these two kinds of learning platforms. Personally I really like the way teachers can make students experience and learn through this format. It was from that week that I probably learned the main point of this course. At first I thought that this class was going to teach us how to teach students online, but then I realized it wasn’t. We were learning something much more basic. I thought it must be easy to teach online, but it wasn’t. If you want to teach students, you have to start with the basics. After learning a bit about open learning I have realized that online classes, the new way of teaching, is the most difficult one. Teachers need to take more factors into consideration compared to the real classroom.


Everyone on twitter all posted their thoughts on edci 339-open learning. Being on Twitter allows students who are not native English speakers to better communicate with others. They can quickly look up a dictionary or use a thesaurus to help them better express the points they want to make to their classmates on twitter. On twitter, everyone can voice their opinion on an issue and also express their emotions with emojis, which is not that boring. I also have some ideas about using twitter as a teaching platform on my fourth post. If there’s ever a class that takes place on Twitter, I think I’ll try to take it.