Instead of curb cuts one example of universal design in engineering I can think of automatic doors. From my point of view, automatic doors are probably designed for disability people. For example, wheelchair can easily go through an automatic door, but for the normal door it could be difficult to open for people with disabilities sitting on a wheelchair. However, automatic doors can also be beneficial for more use. For people who has carried a lot of stuffs and don’t have hands to open the door, they also can use automatic doors. Automatic doors are efficient and convenient for human use. It is a greatest thing that human created. One thing from teaching filed which I think is similar to automatic doors is automatic grammar checker. Sometimes it could be difficult for us to read over the essay that we wrote and find some grammar mistakes. If we know the right grammar, we won’t make any mistake. However, everyone make mistake. The best way is to find your professor or classmates to help you revise it, but it may take a lot of time to do. As the development of technology, internet is well developed, there are may free grammar checker online to help you with your essay. Grammar checker most times are accurate and efficient, it can check 5000 words essay in few seconds.

Furthermore, there is an interesting learning website called ‘kahoot‘. We can make any quiz questions into this website as a competition game format. Students only need a cellphone and a pin number to get access. The format of the game is one question with four choice, each choice have different color and with different shape on it, students only need to press their answer on their cellphone. I guess this small design is prepared for color blindness people. However, as a normal students, we can also use those shapes to double check we are choosing the right answer on our cellphone. Those are some small universal design in our life, it makes convenient for more students with disability to study.