I’m looking forward to what they’re going to teach in this group, because I’ve never been exposed to programming or the use of pathon. I don’t even know what c language is. It’s safe to say I know nothing about programming, I don’t understand that field and I have no interest in programming. I feel like there’s a lot of students like me, so how do I get people who aren’t interested in programming to take this class and have interest in programming turned out to be a very important issue. The first activity I really liked about their group was watching the video. By watching the video, students can get a general idea of programming, thus students may get interested with programming, which will allow them to a ¬†better access to programming. Often, teachers will choose to use a short video to get their students interested because it’s a very effective and simple way to do. I also like to put a video before the official class about the lesson I want to teach. However, I think it’s more effective to involve students in some classroom activities to stimulate their interest or potential. For example, design some simple online games about programming so that all the students can really get involved in real-life programming. Letting the students try to write a code from the beginning would be a better way to make them feel confident. And the teacher can assist the students to complete a simple programming, which will make the students feel more want to continue learning down the road.

The rest of the lesson plan I really like it, because it’s teaching students who don’t have a basic understanding of programming, so those hard knowledge doesn’t need to be studied. Therefore, the most important thing is to get students interested in programming in the very first class.