I am going to share one of my language learning experiences. Since English is my second language, I have to take some language class in order to get into the university. At first, I thought language lesson could be boring. (e.g. fill in the blank, and memorize the format of writing an essay about a specific topic) However, the teaching platform is not what I thought about. It was a very interesting and enjoyable environment to study. Our instructor were asked us to have four students sitting together as a small group, and most of the activities were discuss within the group. Sometimes instructor will ask us to move around. In this way, we can easily get familiar with our classmates, also group work can be effective. More brains always better than only one brain. Instructor also mixed the learning materials with games. Such as running addiction, since it was a two hour lesson and it doesn’t have break time, it was very hard to keep attention on the class. Instructor put the paragraph outside of the classroom, and ask students to work within a group and one of the group member should running to outside and remember the sentences or words, then, running back to tell their group member to write down the whole paragraph. This kind of activity can effectively motivate teenager learners since they often like to move around instead of just sitting in the same place. Also, I agree with that ‘Learning is hard‘. Learning does not equal to acquire the knowledge. You might know this grammar point in this class, however; you might still make mistake when you are ┬áspeaking to people. You might not even notice that you are making mistake. So, can it still called you have learned the knowledge? If not, when is the time that we actually acquire the knowledge and use the knowledge unconsciously.