More and more schools are now experimenting with online classes because of COVID-19, and they want to keep students on track. Therefore, they’re going to to use the Internet to finish school, various schools used online classes to continue their lessons. We are no exception. Although in the article Jordan and Weller (2017) mention the popularity of the online classroom, I feel that the online classroom will not achieve the same level of success as the real classroom‘s learning outcome. Although the article mentions that the online classroom is a new technology with many advantages, such as the ability to cross many countries to reach more people Get educated, the quantity goes up and the quality of instruction may not be as good as in a real classroom. For example, some students who already have difficulty concentrating in class, go to an online course, and things that can interrupt his concentration become more and more, there are more uncontrollable factors going to prevent him from having class better. I think this is one of the biggest challenges regarding online courses. How to go getting students to focus better on the online lesson is a very important thing to consider. Students who are also taking online classes may come from different countries and cultural backgrounds. This poses a great challenge to the teacher, how should he or she deliver the lesson in a way that all students can understand it? So, this new type of teaching method also requires teachers with certain abilities to teach. However, there is a great shortage of teachers who have these skills. It takes time and energies to train teachers who can use technology and internet intelligence. I think this is the biggest challenge of teaching online courses for teachers.

It’s good that people are researching more ways to teach, but the hard part is how to make this new type of education work better in the real world. Inside. Because there is more uncertainty waiting to be adjusted and changed in a world where the internet and reality combine.



Jordan, K. & Weller, M. (2017) Openness and Education: A beginners’ guide. Global OER Graduate Network.